Security Surveys & Audits : Houston Security Consulting Service

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. performs Security Audits for compliance to company policies and procedures, local, state and federal laws and regulations. Our audits are designed to reduce a client’s exposure to loss for negligence in operational and hiring practices. Written reports are prepared at the completion of each audit and submitted to the client with any deficiencies noted and recommendations for improvement. These security audits may include as many client requirements as needed. They may include but are not limited to the following:

Hiring Practices, Policies & Procedures

These audits include verification of criminal background checks, I-9 forms completion, Social Security verification, previous work history verification, pre-employment drug screening, random drug screening, random criminal records checks, DVM verification and background checks, medical/physical examination completion.

Compliance to Business Opening & Closing Procedures

Bank deposits made and recorded as required, alarm system activation, Signage and exterior lighting practices, employee’s check-in and parking requirements, etc.

Vehicle Compliance

Any and all vehicles are properly registered and meet all local, state and federal laws and regulations. Roadworthiness inspections, driver uniforms and licenses requirements, exterior marking, etc.

Crime Statistics

Actual area crime statistics originated from national, state and local police agencies. Crime Probability assessment for each client specified area or location.

Security Policies & Procedures

Review and assessment of current security policies and procedures. Origination or revision of current policies and procedures are prepared to meet client site specific requirements and conformance to all laws and regulations.

Safety Audits

On-site Safety Audits are conducted in accordance with client specified policies and procedures and all government laws and regulations to ensure that each specified site location is in complete compliance with these standards, laws and regulations. A comprehensive written report is provided to the client at the conclusion of the audit.

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