Security Management Services : Houston Security Consulting Service

Hamilton Consulting Services' consultants possess the training, qualifications, background experience and expertise in a vast range of security environments to include both proprietary and contract security operations management.  Recognized experts in the security industry and Board Certified in Security Management makes us exceptionally qualified to conduct risk assessments and security surveys and audits. Listed below is the wide range of security services we provide:

Risk Assessments

Comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessments for high rise commercial property, upscale gated communities, corporations, healthcare facilities and financial organizations. Our services include overall assessments and evaluations of all security related operations, security policies and procedures, parking facilities, exterior lighting, CCTV and card access systems.

Security Audits

Audit for compliance to standard security practices and procedures, governing laws and regulations, company policies and procedures.

Contract Security Bid Specification Preparation

Development of comprehensive bid specifications document for contract security programs to ensure satisfactory vendor performance and quality service delivery, equitable vendor conformance to company policies, security procedures and expectations, and fairness in vendor selection.

Vendor Qualification and Selection

Development of vendor qualification criteria for potential contract security bidders and facilitation assistance in the final selection process to include selection criteria.

Vendor Presentation Evaluation

An integral part of vendor selection is the evaluation of any vendor presentations made during the selection process. Experience and expertise is provided to sort out the difference between fact and fiction and facilitate selecting the right security vendor.

Proprietary Security Management

Full or part-time proprietary security program management to include assessment of current program and recommendations for improvements, and/or implementation of a start-up proprietary program; development of Post Orders and security procedures, staffing, training, uniforms, compensation and benefits, etc.

Contract Security Management

Full time or part-time comprehensive management assistance that fully meets the clients requirements in managing, selection, performance assessments, replacement and contract negotiations of a contract security program.

Post Order Development

Comprehensive automated Post Orders Development that brings all security policies and procedures up-to-date with current industry standards, company policies and procedures and governing laws and regulations. Optional Site Specific Post Order Proficiency Testing development can also be provided.

Contingency/Emergency Planning

Complete contingency planning for work stoppages, labor disputes, natural and manmade disasters. Comprehensive written preparation and planning is provided to include provisions for lock-outs, VIP and executive protection, additional security, protection of critical operational areas of vulnerability, production personnel transportation and meals, additional equipment, radios and telecommunications equipment, additional fixed and portable electronic surveillance, etc.

Security Policies and Procedures

Review and assessment of current security policies and procedures. Origination or revision of current policies and procedures are prepared to meet client site specific requirements and conformance to all laws and regulations.

Lighting Evaluations

State-of-the-art light meter readings are taken at client specified areas or locations of concern. The client receives a comprehensive report comparing current lighting against standard industry lighting specifications for adherence to accepted lighting standards. We maintain current manufacturer certified calibration on our light meters. Lighting Standards are measured against the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

Security Systems Assessment

Evaluation of current electronic surveillance and recording systems, card-access system, alarm and alarm response, motion detection systems, access control systems, etc. in accordance with client requirements and a written report is prepared showing the results of the evaluation and recommendations for improvements.

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