Security Consulting & Operational Services for Security Guard Companies

security guards 1160x400Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. offers a wide range of security consulting and other services to security guard companies. No matter what your requirements are, we can be of assistance. We have more than 20 years of experience in contract security guard operations. Our Senior Consultant has one of the strongest records for sales management productivity in the contract security industry. Whether your need is sales and marketing assistance to grow your business revenues and profits, or you need to overhaul or improve your operations, we can help. We produce results! Here are just a few of the many services we can provide to any guard company:

Proposal Development

Our unique security consulting background experience and qualifications, coupled with years of successful sales management experience in the contract security arena, provides us with the knowledge to develop a proposal for any guard company. We use the latest word processing technology and graphic design software. Our knowledge of the contract security market place allows us to prepare a proposal that sells business. We will develop your proposal to be user friendly, include your logos and graphics or we can provide you with fresh graphics and text that will capture the reader’s attention. Our approach is to provide our client with a cost effective, professional document that will produce results. We will assist you in selecting a professional cost effective binding method as well as provide you with disks and personal training on how to use the proposal program.

Government Bids

Many guard companies do not know how to properly bid government contracts. Moreover, many guard companies incorrectly assume that all government contracts are always awarded to the lowest bidder. That is a false assumption. Our security consulting specialists have a proven track record in winning government bids from various local state and federal agencies. We can show you how to position your bid, construct the pricing and develop a strategy to enhance your chances of winning profitable government contracts.

Customer Service Evaluation

Customer retention is a key ingredient in growing any business. Our years of experience have taught us that monitoring customer service satisfaction on a regular basis ensures customer retention by eliminating surprises. Our approach is simple; we ask! Depending on the circumstances, we solicit customer input either by mail, by phone and/or in person. We develop a survey questionnaire with meaningful objective customer input. We then solicit the customer feedback and record their responses. At the completion of the survey, we prepare a written report to the client, which summarizes our findings.

Post Order Development

We can develop a comprehensive automated Post Orders document that is user friendly and professional in appearance. We will use your logos and letterhead or develop a total new look. We will bring all security policies and procedures up-to-date with current industry standards, company policies and procedures and governing laws and regulations. Optional Site Specific Post Order Proficiency Testing development can also be provided.

Proficiency Test Development and Implementation

Proficiency tests can be developed to ensure knowledge of duties and optimum performance at all times by your security officers assigned to any client specific post. We recommend proficiency test and minimum-scoring standards be established for each security officer classification assigned to each designated post. Once these proficiency tests are developed, we then recommend the implementation of random testing. This is done to ensure both the guard company and their client that their security officers will perform in a consistent manner. Action steps are developed to deal with those instances where security personnel fail to meet the minimum scoring standards.

Overtime : Cost Containment/Schedule Evaluation

Our years if contract security operational management experience gives us the unique knowledge to assess your company’s overtime costs and give you real solutions to reduce your overhead costs and increase your profitability. We produce results!

Overhead Cost Evaluation

We know how to effectively deal with those hidden profit eaters on your P&L statement. Our consultants will analyze your P&L statements, review your operations management process and then present real solutions that will lower your overhead costs and increase your profitability. We have years of successful operations management experience in managing a large international guard company. Let us use our knowledge and experience to help you grow your profits.

For more information about our security consulting and other services provided to security guard companies, call 281-398-7774 or contact us online.