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Houston Hurricane Preparation Planning for the Home


We are now into the hurricane season and we need to be prepared in the event we should have one coming to the gulf coast area. Typically, we get a 4 to 5 day advanced warning but if we are not properly prepared, this may not be enough time to get ready. So as a public service, Hamilton Consulting Services has put together a list of things every gulf coast resident should to be ready:
Put together an Evacuation Plan and file it where it can easily be retrieved.
• Select multiple places (homes of friends, relatives, or motels) where you can evacuate to should the need arise. Your selection should have evacuation places, north, east, northwest, west and even southwest. If you have pets, make sure your pets will be welcome at those places you have selected.
• If you have selected motels for evacuation places, pick out the names of two motels in east direction you chose as your evacuation route. Then make a list of those motels, by name, address and phone number as a necessary part of your Evacuation Plan.
• Before leaving your home, you should do several things for safety sake
1. Unplug all unnecessary appliances
2.Turn your thermostats up in temperature to 80 degrees
3. Stop your newspaper
4. Place a mail hold on your incoming mail
5. Make sure you set your house alarm system (if you have one)
6. Remove as many items as possible into your garage to prevent those items from being blown away, damaged or blown into windows at your home.
7. Make sure all family photo albums are packed away preferably in closed plastic containers.
8. Move any tower computer unit off the floor
• Your Evacuation Plan should include a list of all items you need to take with you:
Clothing for each family member for three days
Snack items for all
A cooler
Medicines (where appropriate) and first aid items, Dr. names and numbers
Pet food (where appropriate)
Flash light and extra batteries
Take a laptop computer if you have one and a charger.
Jewelry, eye glasses, contact lens supplies, etc.
Rubber boots, raincoats and umbrellas
Pet Crate(s)
Cell phone(s) and chargers
• Notify other family members where you are going and staying
• If you have more than one vehicle, take others to a multi-story parking garage near you home and park them on upper floors.
• Make sure you leave your house and garage doors locked and that you have extra keys for all doors with you.
• Make your hotel/motel reservations at least 3 days in advance of your evacuation. If necessary you can cancel without a charge 24 hrs prior to your scheduled arrival.

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