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Do You Know How Your Security Officers Are Paid?

There has been a major change in the contract security industry in the way contract security officers are paid. In order to reduce their overall payroll costs, most companies offer direct deposit into the security officer’s checking account. Those not having a checking account are issued Debit Cards. Some companies simply do not offer the direct deposit option and issue Debit Cards only. Doing so requires the officer to go to the bank issuing the Debit Card to obtain their funds without paying a withdrawal fee. However using these Debit Cards at retail stores does incur a transaction fee and in many cases, the issuing contract security company receives either part of that transaction fee, if not all of it. In short, your security officers may not be receiving the full hourly pay you believe they are.

Is Your Security Guard Company Overcharging You?


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Monday, 29 November 2021

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