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Adequate Security Includes Exterior Lighting

Most business owners and managers are not aware that a huge number of law suits involving failure to provide adequate security involve exterior lighting. Most companies, property owners and managers, shopping malls and strip centers have contracts to maintain their exterior lighting. Unfortunately, many do not and those that do usually involve monthly checking and replacement of burnt out bulbs. However, one major factor that is overlooked is the accumulation of dead insects inside the lenses of the exterior lights.
Over time, a large collection of these dead insects (attracted to the light) significantly reduce the illumination output of the light fixture which causes dark spots in the parking areas, etc. Vandals and perpetrators look at these areas as opportunities to commit crimes.
Few if any security consultants address exterior lighting when conducting risk assessments. And if they do, it is merely to point out that there are exterior light bulbs that need replacement. At Hamilton Consulting Services, we always include light meter readings of all exterior lighting to ensure that our client’s exterior lighting fully meets established standards. Our mission is to reduce our client’s exposure to liability and improperly maintained exterior lighting is an area of concern. To that end, our consultants also are mindful of any issues that affect the illumination of exterior lighting such as foliage from large trees that may need to be pruned.
We pride in ourselves in our thoroughness when conducting risk assessments. Protecting our clients assets, employees, visitors and profits is our focus.

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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