• Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc.

    Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc.

    Consulting firm specializing in a comprehensive range of professional security services

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  • Security Services

    Security Services

    Unparalleled experience and expertise in both proprietary and contract security operations management

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  • Guard Company Services

    Guard Company Services

    Offering a wide range of security consulting and other services to security guard companies

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  • Hurricane Preparation

    Hurricane Preparation

    Establish contingency plans to adequately prepare for the inevitable

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Security Consulting, Certified Professional Consultants : Houston, TX

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. provides a variety of specialized services in three specific disciplines. Our security consultants, sales and personnel consultants are qualified professionals, certified in their specialized fields.

Experienced Problem Solving by Certified Professionals

With, experience and certifications in Security Consulting and Security Management Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. consultants are uniquely qualified. We provide on-site security risk assessments, hurricane preparation planning, and security audits to corporations, financial institutions, organizations, governmental agencies and high rise residential and upscale gated communities.

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. provides other specialized services in specific disciplines; Personnel Consulting, Sales Management and Sales Training, sales and marketing consulting and Life Coaching all by qualified professionals, certified in their fields.

Hamilton Consulting Services, Inc. takes pride in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Reducing exposure to loss, growing the client's business, reducing overhead costs and increasing profitability are our guiding principles. To that end we offer the most cost effective approach to consulting services available.

Meeting Client Expectations is Our Number One Priority

We bill our consulting services in one of three ways, hourly, daily or on a project basis. Travel expenses are billed as a direct pass-through charge with no mark-up. Any peripheral products or services used in completing a project are also billed as direct pass-through charge.

Contact us today for a brief no obligation telephone consultation to discuss your situation. For more information about security consulting or other services provided by Hamilton Consulting Services, see the Contact Us page or call 281-398-7774.